There’s No Feeling Like Powering up a New Computer

The Best PC/Mac Sales & Services in the area!

Having trouble with your obsolete computer? It might be time for an upgrade. Put your computer-related frustrations behind you and purchase a cutting edge computer capable of handling all your daily tasks.

At PCS, we sell:Apple Desktop Computer and Tablet

  • PC’s
  • Macs
  • Tablets
  • Laptop Computers
  • Desktop Computers
  • All-In-Ones
  • 2-In-Ones
  • Touchscreens
  • Gaming Computers
  • Custom Built Computers (built to YOUR specifications!)
  • Along with your new Computer, check out ALL the LATEST styles, brands and sizes of Monitors, Keyboards (Wireless, Back-Lit, Ergonomic, Large Font, Gaming) and the coolest, smoothest, high-resolution Mice (Sculpt, ArcTouch, Bluetooth, Wireless) on the market today!
  • When it comes to after-sale warranties and service, At PCS, We Support what we Sell so You can Purchase with Confidence!

Give us a Call at (607)433-7272 to learn about the computer models we have in stock.
Stop in or call PCS and ask about our extensive inventory of ACCESSORIES for all your technology needs! We’ve got CPU’s, Video Cards, Motherboards, Memory, Gaming Accessories, Hubs, Cables, Cords, Fans, Laptop Cases plus many more! If We Don’t Have It, We’ll Get It!

You can count on Personal Computer Services to help you find the right PC, Mac, or Tablet.

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